alexis » heyy
Tara » stay the FUCK off kellys site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pimpdaddy » whjere all da females at?
pimpdaddy » im black
Tara » so was i annoying? sorry bout not letting u borrow the Laptop. did i upset u? be honest. im having a bad day, so chances r i did. sorry if i did. well WB plz.
Tara » thank u
steve-o » goodnight.
Tara » r u there? well goodnight i guess. say goodnight to me. please
Tara » right now brandan is talking bout how they know ppl at the show, except the 14 yr old girls that go to their shows and scream like they're fucking GC or something...haha
steve-o » thats great.i just want to see the music.
Tara » brandan and ryan(bassist) r funny they cracked me up and thats the commentary. behind the scenes ryan was
Tara » no what?
steve-o »
Tara » u can watch commentary, behind scenes, and the concert, 1 hr long each
Tara » jk
steve-o » no cuz i like the music
Tara » y? so u can see how hot and funny and great brandan is?
steve-o » you should bring the bt dvd if you come on sat
Tara » i am bored... im watching BT DVD, yet again, i LOVE it... and im waiting here 4 u to respond... yeah 4
steve-o » ok.......
Tara » that was fun bc every1 was laughing..haha... and he stole my pen and drink - again
Tara » @ school...ppl at r mean...i get called a names.. but u prolly dont wanna hear bout it. andy cut my hair 2day. so i cut his, he has a bald spot, i cant tell where he cut mine
steve-o » ok....dont like feeling dumb?
Tara » nice, repeat what i say... im kinda tired...but i dont wanna sleep,i wanna do something..i dont like feeling dumb,and i dont like being teased.yah ive got nothing to say, ill prolly sit here & talk
steve-o » so...
Tara » well... um i guess u dont wanna answer the how was ur day question so...?
steve-o » i dont know.
Tara » how long do u wait?
steve-o » umm...wait?then you can know for certain.
Tara » *bro, not bor
Tara » jeremys bor, josh, wants to know, i dont know... cant say ive had too much experience w it, ur smart maybe u would know. im serious 2.
steve-o » what?
Tara » thanks for leaving me here waiting. how do u know if its rebound love- or love?
steve-o » ok i think im done
Tara » ok... just dont write here. r u done talking to me? i just got off the phone w jeremy... so if ur done picture time... lol. im getting tired of looking at pictures...
Tara » ok... so how was ur day?
steve-o » about driving
Tara » bout what...
steve-o » but i dont know
Tara » oh ok.. thats better... ha. umm...
steve-o » i might drive.
Tara » oh joy... ok. i guess so... umm... oh god that car ride may be awkward - IF i go. umm... make ur mom pick up the phone... ur dad scares me. he always has... dont tell him that- please.
steve-o » call my to my parents.
Tara » oh... um.. so...? how does this work then?
Tara » what does this mean? predilection. im too lazt to get a dictionary.
steve-o » i work 345 to 7.
Tara » so what happened in ur day?
Tara » yeah!! i just wanna be a LAN nerd... jk.. ur not a nerd. but it ALL depends on if christal calls me. but if not i call u at 5oish-5:30ish if i dont then im at christals.
steve-o » allright your in then.
Tara » i wont bug u to stop playing, and i wont harrass u, and i wont be loud, and kiddish... is there nething else that makes me annoying? i wont make stupid arguements...
steve-o » i dont know will u be annoying?
Tara » oh... maybe not bc it depends if christal calls me, bc if she doesnt call me b4 5 pm then i will if u want me to, do u want me to come bc i can bring a computer? no im jk...
steve-o » after 7
Tara » do u want me to come, or am i gonna be annoying?
Tara » i dont know, i was asking u what time u were
steve-o » are u coming?>
Tara » no... ok i cant come up with a smart ass comment, so yes. saturday (2morrow)
steve-o » saturday
Tara » why? would u care? i think im gonna tell matt im moving back to when r u going to joels?
steve-o » oh k
Tara » whos jermey? randi-lynns BF.
steve-o » whos jermey?
Tara » he thinks im in canada...
Tara » ha... yeah sounds fun. jermey just called me. ha... matt
steve-o » shoveled shit.
Tara » what did u do w barn? do tell.
Tara » ha,my parents know bout him bc my bro was like whos matt? i said the lead singer of Novarum and then he brought it up at the table.they didnt say nething when i said he was 21, he lived in
steve-o » oh the barn...just great
Tara » sorry. and i cant talk to him right now, y do u wanna know? and how was the barn?
steve-o » what did matt say?
Tara » do tell... i dont wanna go back to looking at/for pics....
Tara » did u have fun working on barn?
Tara » i got a haricut 2day...
Tara » no dont leave talk to me.... i cant talk to matt... i mean... talk to me...
steve-o » oh fine then!
Tara » whats what supposed to mean? have fun? i dont know, y what do u think its supposed to mean?lol jk
Tara » well... seems like ur enjoying talking bout COF.. i got a haircut
steve-o » wahts that supposed to mean?
steve-o » oh yeah
Tara » well u have fun talking to sara
Tara » yeah... what happened to my last entry??
steve-o » no no video games...pretty spoiled...goddamn
Tara » he was gonna spend $600+ on vday 4 her.... he got another job to give the money to her!!!! isnt she spoiled?
Tara » ok.. i have nothing to say... randi lynn got grounded for 1 month.... her dad gave her $100 4 lunch and she went shopping w it and he found out... but jeremey gave her $90 back, so its there still
steve-o » yes
Tara » be honest.
Tara » oh... were u paying attention 2 me?
steve-o » im
Tara » oh there u r. and i have exams in 3 wks. i need higher grades! i know u dont care..sorry.
Tara » u could @ least say bye...instead of running off.
steve-o » i had all c's
Tara » hello?
Tara » steve-o, i now have an A, C+, C+, C+ a B...
steve-o » oh no!!!
Tara » no, no its not.
Tara » and she could suspend me. my parents didnt give me a punishment... i want more money, but she doesnt know bout the money, and i got 0s 4 the assignments, and now i have an 84% not a 90%
steve-o » haha.......thats kinda funny
Tara » she said she was sorry, etc. and then i went back to the classroom and she gave me a detention and said that was the beginning
steve-o » haha.....jew
Tara » the note was to me and it was from kyle and it was asking for more assingments, and she had found it in his folder - which he has left there.